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"Nagamachi Yuzen Kan(old "saihitsuan")" "Kaga Yuzen club"
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An Inquiry & Corporate Introduction
''Nagamachi Yuzen Kan(former 'Saihitsuan' ) ' is a only Kaga Yuzen studio in Kanazawa city in Japan that is available for public.(Kaga Yuzen is a technique for hand-painting 'Kimonos'.) It locates 3 minutes on foot from the Nagamachi Samurai District which is one of the representatives of the old castle town in Kanazawa city.
You can look our craftsman painting colorful patterns onto silk. And you can perform coloring experience, fixation experience of a Kimono, etc

'Kaga Yuzen club' introduces the feature, history, works, etc. of Kaga Yuzen,

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